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Attorney Testimonials


Through the years we’ve built strong relationships with the attorneys that we’ve worked with.
Examples of four highly respected attorneys that we have repeatedly worked with for many years are Seth Rubenstein, Irwin Weinstein, Joseph Vasile, a probate attorneys and Bill Reinhardt Jr., a real estate attorney.

We’ve always provided excellent service including a quick call back on questions or problems, consistent communication on deals pending, professional personalized service for clients referred to us and smooth clean deals at top sale prices.

It is extremely important to us to make the attorney’s job as easy as possible and to enhance their relationships with their clients who have trusted them through the years.

We would like to offer our services to assist all attorneys (i.e. Real Estate, Probate, Matrimonial, General Practice) in need of a professional Real Estate Broker to market and sell a client’s residential, commercial or investment property.

We have an outstanding track record of results with 30 years of experience appraising, marketing and selling real estate in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

Mitchell E Wilensky, November 29, 2019
"I can't speak highly enough of my experiences with Jeff Grandis, Real Estate Broker of Accord Real Estate Group. I highly recommend his services to anyone selling or buying residential or commercial real estate."
Mark J. Caruso, Esq., October 15, 2019
"Jeff went out of his way and was tenacious in his pursuit of a buyer for my client's property which was a difficult sell. "
Irwin Weinstein, June 16, 2017
"I recommend Accord Real Estate Group and Jeff Grandis to any of my clients, and to anyone looking for assistance with real estate in Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs."
Joseph R. Vasile, June 20, 2016
"Jeff Grandis is a highly talented and experienced broker. He is a master contract negotiator and he uses the latest technology and media services to represent your home or commercial property to as many potential buyers as possible."
Seth Rubenstein, April 25, 2000
"We have found Mr. Grandis to be experienced in real estate sales and to exhibit a high level of honesty and professionalism."
William J. Reinhardt, Jr., April 19, 2000
"For most of my clients, the sale of their home represents the single most important financial transaction that they will encounter during their lifetime. It is critical to obtain the proper guidance from an experienced, seasoned real estate broker. Jeff Grandis is a real estate broker who can offer such guidance in the marketing of your property. I have known Jeff Grandis for over 13 years. During such time I..."
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