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Testimonial Letter from Mitchell Wilensky

Mitchell E Wilensky, November 29, 2019


           30 WALL STREET, 8TH FLOOR

           NEW YORK, NEW YORK  10005-2205

           MITCHELL  E.WILENSKY, J.D. 

           E-Mail:  Iaw@NewYorkEstateAttorney.com


October 22, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

I can't speak highly enough of my experiences with Jeff Grandis, Real Estate Broker of Accord Real Estate Group.  I highly recommend his services to anyone selling or buying residential or commercial real estate.

For over 35 years my law practice has been concentrated in the area of New York probate and estate law. Since 1995 I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff alongside my clients on both simple and complicated real estate matters primarily where the property owner has passed away.

He is extraordinarily knowledgeable of the marketplace not only in all of Brooklyn's neighborhoods but in the rest of the City. His honesty, professionalism and work ethic are unparalleled, and his commitment to client communication is never ending from day one to the closing table.

In both strong and weak real estate markets, my clients have had their interests maximized due to their representation by Jeff and the Accord Real Estate Group.


Very truly yours,


Testimonial Letter From Mitch Wilensky - 112919  Testimonial Letter From Mitch Wilensky - 112919




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