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Testimonial from William J. Reinhardt, Jr.

William J. Reinhardt, Jr., April 19, 2000
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William J. Reinhardt, Jr.
April 19, 2000
Dear Homeowner:


For most of my clients, the sale of their home represents the single most important financial transaction that they will encounter during their lifetime. It is critical to obtain the proper guidance from an experienced, seasoned real estate broker. Jeff Grandis is a real estate broker who can offer such guidance in the marketing of your property.

I have known Jeff Grandis for over 13 years. During such time I have had the pleasure to work with Jeff on many real estate transactions. His knowledge of the real estate market together with his genuine concern for his clients translates time and time again into a broker that makes sure a property sells at the best possible price without losing site of the importance of keeping the client comfortable and informed throughout the process. Jeff takes his job very seriously and gets satisfaction out of pleasing his clients.

If you are interested in selling your home or investment property, I would strongly recommend that you call Jeff Grandis.

Very truly yours,

William J. Reinhardt, Jr.


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