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What Makes The Best Real Estate Broker

March 11th 2014
Tags: Brooklyn Real Estate, Selling your home, New York Real Estate

When representing property owners in the marketing and sale of their Brooklyn property the most direct answer to this question is of course exceptional results and outstanding service. Beyond the obvious qualities that make for the best real estate brokers are the following that will ensure even the toughest client's satisfaction:

1. Superior real estate market and product knowledge will always separate the best brokers from the rest. Knowing what is selling and for how much is crucial information for a client to hear from their broker. Being knowledgeable about neighborhood trends that can affect pricing is also important. A good Brooklyn example of this is The Barclay Center effect. Real Estate values and retail rents within a radius of one mile from the Barclay Center have risen dramatically since the Center opened in 2012.

2. From a Real Estate Brokerage Company point of view having a strong brand with a clear sense of who we are, clear goals, a clear mission and high standards in the company’s business practices are very important to inspire confidence from perspective clients. The Accord Real Estate Group company motto is "Experience, Integrity, Results"  and our dedicated Real Estate Brokers and agents proudly stand by it.

3. Marketing Savvy and Cutting Edge Technological Skills are a must have for today's best real estate brokers. Knowing how and where to reach buyers and sellers who are looking for information on different property types, in different Brooklyn neighborhood locations,  representing different housing or investment opportunities via the latest technology is extremely important when marketing a client's property. Accord Real Estate Group's Co-owner and Real Estate Broker Anna Kader is also our full time, in house, Chief Technology Officer. She consistently makes absolutely sure that our client's properties are being highlighted and displayed in all of the best venues to attract the best qualified buyers.

4. A sincere desire to give great service to our clients is also part of the foundation that separates the best real estate brokers from the rest of the pack. The real estate brokerage business is an intensely service oriented business. The best brokers and agents are keenly aware of this and pride themselves on delivering the highest level of service to their valued clients. Some other characteristics that a top broker must possess are great listening and communication skills, patience, a sincere interest and fondness for people and respect for every person's uniqueness. Every client has their questions, issues, ideas and expectations for the sale of their property and top real estate broker and agent will make it their priority to meet their clients needs.

At Accord Real Estate Group, our brokers and agents are truly the best qualified to handle the marketing and sale of your home, commercial property, mixed use building, multi family home, land, coop or Condominium. We can be reached in the office at 718-375-2065 or via email at info@accreg.com.