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U.S. Tourists Choose Brooklyn Over Manhattan by Far!

September 11th 2022
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Yes, we love Manhattan, but as far as U.S. Tourists are concerned, Brooklyn, NY is leaving Manhattan far behind.

This data comes from Placer Lab, a California based analytics firm.

Analyzing the difference in retail domestic foot traffic in the two boroughs, Placer found that “while Manhattan is struggling to maintain its pre pandemic levels of domestic tourism, Brooklyn has resulted in year over year domestic tourism growth every month of the year in 2022”. The Placer Lab report states that “domestic tourism to Brooklyn skyrocketed between January 2022 and May 2022, with double digit increases in foot traffic every month, relative to 2019.

The likely reasons for this trend is Brooklyn's affordability compared to Manhattan, the dramatic increase in the number of hotels in Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Sunset Park and elsewhere, the endless choices of where to dine, to be entertained or to stop by for a drink in one or more of the hundreds Brooklyn's vibrant neighborhood watering holes.

To further illustrate this trend, retail foot traffic in Brooklyn was 17% below 2019 (pre pandemic), while Manhattan was a full 27% below 2019.

There is no doubt that this trend will persist as Brooklyn's amazing neighborhoods continue to evolve, innovate and embrace its amazing diversity.

Go Brooklyn!

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