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Street Art in Brooklyn, New York

July 24th 2022
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Brooklyn's, NY street art scene is huge and growing every day. Walk down almost any street in Williamsburg, Bushwick or Greenpoint and you are greeted with the sides of buildings or storefronts spray painted with incredibly colorful and beautiful street art. New artists are finding their message on blank walls all across Brooklyn, as street art has been popularized and turned into a commodity.

Whether it's public art or advertisements, over the last few decades exciting street art has come to specific neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York.

The pandemic pounded a lot of indoor art forms but undeterred talent poured onto the streets to celebrate what can be shared outside!

The 1st wall was painted in 2011 by The Bushwick Collective, Bushwick's very popular open air gallery which just celebrated and hosted its 11th annual block party on June 4th. Hundreds of visitors came to the block party as the public celebrated the vibrancy that outdoor art offers.

Joe Ficalora began The Bushwick Collective with the goal of reviving his neighborhood and he transformed Bushwick into a center of artwork and excitement. The Bushwick Collective has hosted renowned artists like French graffiti artist Blek Le Rat along with up and coming local Bushwick artists.

This year's block party hosted artists Ashley Hodder, Ligama, Robert Vargas, Carlito Skills and many more.

Cody James a Long Island based artist painted his 2nd wall for The Bushwick Collective this year. James said “I love that the walls are painted in styles that are all different”. “Not only do they bring more life to the community, but they can just bring more cultures together and more conversations”. James continues “Art is escapism for me”.  “Murals get the work out there that people would not see if they were confined to a gallery”. James also observes that “a large chunk of street art has shifted towards commissioned painted advertisements that take the form of murals across Brooklyn. This has benefited artists. Companies that sponsor an artist's work, even if it's a form of advertising, it's an opportunity and gives an artist a platform to use their creativity while satisfying their brand”.

On the corner of Manhattan Avenue and Kent Avenue in Greenpoint, The Market on Kent approached artist Estrella Munoz in the Spring. They wanted their storefront to have a mural inspired by the natural flora and fauna that thrived in Greenpoint hundreds of years ago.

Munoz, like James was excited for the opportunity to paint outside the gallery and she started doing storefronts and murals. Munoz was born and raised in Greenpoint says “I am 38 and I am discovering my place in the art world”.

The Greenpoint community has responded well to Munoz's art by saying “this greenery, these animals, this makes us feel good”. Munoz says “I really believe that artists are the history keepers and their messages should be shared”.

On the more corporate side of the current public art scene in Brooklyn there is Colossal Media, a company dedicated to hand painted outdoor artwork for both Commercial advertising and grand scale public paintings. They have experienced a big burst of creativity after the pandemic. Colossal Media has been in Brooklyn since it's inception in 2004 and has filled the streets of Williamsburg with dozens and dozens of enormous works. Ahmed Sayar, Senior V.P. Of Colossal Media says that their company is part of the movement to beautify neighborhoods and bring public art to the forefront. “ We would not be where we are today without Brooklyn” Sayar says.

Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall go explore the street art of Brooklyn. You will absolutely be astounded at the beauty that has been and continues to be created on her streets!

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