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Signs of Life in the Brooklyn New York Real Estate Market

March 18th 2009
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Jeff Grandis, a Brooklyn Realtor for 22 years points out that across the spectrum of properties for sale in Brooklyn New York today, whether Commercial, Residential or Mixed Use, buyers are out there shopping for values and buying. For example, whether it is a 1,300 Square Foot 3 bedroom 2 bath Luxury Condominium in Brighton Beach for sale at $535,000 or a one family 3 bedroom 2 bath duplex home for sale in Midwood for $450,000, or an extra large 2 family 3 bedroom over 2 bedroom house for sale in Sheepshead Bay for $689,000,or a mixed use building with one store and one 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Flatbush for $499,000 there is plenty of activity from qualified buyers and deals are being made. Grandis further points out that there are so many all cash investors out there hunting for deals and finding them at all price levels and property types. Now is truly a great time to buy. Even with the economy in a shambles and so much uncertainty and insecurity that exists in many peoples minds about what direction to turn in for a safe investment, Brooklyn Real Estate is still a solid choice for the long run.In the last 22 years, Jeff Grandis has pretty much seen it all in terms of how the Real Estate market trends all the way up with sale prices going sky high and how prices fall as much as 40% or more in some cases, depending on property type, location and condition. Even though the current downturn in values is more severe than anything we have seen in many, many years, the Real Estate market in Brooklyn has a unique resilience to it. When the market recovers from its current doldrums, which it always does, there will be an exciting rebound in values and usually surpasses the heights in value of the years before. If you are planning on selling or buying a property in Brooklyn and need expert advise or just some friendly reassurance, feel free to contact Jeff Grandis, your lifelong Brooklyn resident and your Brooklyn Neighborhood Real Estate Broker at 718-375-2065 (office) or 917-804-3198 (cell). You can also e-mail to Jeff at jeff@jeffgrandis.com. Jeff will be happy to help you. Please visit the different pages on www.jeffgrandis.com