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Selling a Property in Brooklyn New York?

February 14th 2013
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How to decide on which Real Estate Company to Hire

The National Association of Realtors show through the years that 80-90% of property owners who sell their property worked with Real Estate Brokerage companies.  Experienced realtors will achieve a much higher sale price for their client’s property compared to the sale price by the property owners on their own. What are the reasons for this high percentage of success that sellers have with experienced realtors?

1) The majority of real estate brokers and agents take pride in their profession and have years of valuable experience.

2) Many realtors are technologically savvy and have all of the latest gadgets to access information and communicate with buyers and sellers instantly.

3) Many real estate companies have a hardworking, dedicated staff of brokers and agents who provide personal attention to their buyers and sellers.

4) There are a select few real estate companies who have a custom built real estate website that is not a boiler plate web site and that truly communicates their company’s goals and message to their clients.

The above is true for many real estate companies and their brokers and agents. Now, you need to decide who to choose to be hired as your real estate broker to handle the marketing and sale of your most valued asset - your home and or your investment property.

The answer to this question is, believe it or not, relatively simple.

Take the time to do your homework online and educate yourself about the reputation, style and business practices of different real estate companies who you would consider talking to about your plans to sell your property. Interview several of your top choices and decide who has a good reputation, better understanding of your needs, matches your personal style to represent your interests, who gives you confidence in them and makes you comfortable. 

A real estate brokerage company is only as good as the people who work there.

At Accord Real Estate Group, our brokers and agents specialize in representing property owners in the marketing and sale of their Brooklyn property. Call us if you are planning to sell your property and put our many years of experience, dedication to our clients and track record of bringing great results to work for you. You will be very happy that you did.