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Real Estate Brokerage – Property Valuation

May 26th 2017
Tags: Brooklyn Real Estate, Selling your home

Have you ever wondered what your property value is  in today's  real estate market? At Accord Real Estate Group, we pride ourselves on the accuracy and reliability of our BPO reports, property valuation, appraisals and market evaluations.

There are several types of reports that we use to describe the current market value of a property whether a single family residential property, multi family, mixed use, commercial, vacant land, co op apartment or a condominium unit.

Who do property owners, attorneys, certified appraisers, bank appraisers, various funding companies in need of this information seek out for advice?  They come to Accord Real Estate Group.

Real Estate is an intensely local experience and lifestyle choice. Within the neighborhoods that we service, whether in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens there are many different factors that can influence the pricing and evaluation on a property of any type. These factors are  property size, property condition, amenities, tenancy problems or various tenant issues, walkability, location block by block, quality of the schools and the unique lifestyle that every property has in any given location within a neighborhood. This can and does include such property types as an office building or office campus being planned in a neighborhood.

At Accord Real Estate Group, we don’t just crunch the numbers. We are local market experts and we recognize all of the data and market knowledge/ experience that must go into a proper, professional property appraisal or evaluation.

For example, one of our clients, an Estate selling several townhouses in Washington Heights, Manhattan hired us to handle the marketing and sale of these properties. Other real estate brokerage companies and several buyers had the valuation of these properties much lower than our assessment of market value. We understood that from our knowledge of the market in the neighborhood and specifically on that block that the value was higher than just what the pure comparable sales data was indicating. Sure enough, a deal was struck in the range of our higher valuation and we are now under contract on those townhouses. Our clients are very happy with the results.

If you are planning to sell your residential, commercial, mixed use building, vacant land, co op apartment or condominium call us. You will be very happy that you did. Please visit Client Testimonial page to read about many of satisfied clients’ experiences with our company.

Thank you;

Accord Real Estate Group