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Real Estate Brokerage – Your Personal and Professional Reputation

September 25th 2017
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The importance of your personal and professional reputation in the Real Estate business cannot be overstated. I am sure you are well aware of it, however please let me share with you my thoughts. 

Rome was not built in one day, however, ultimately how you build and develop your personal and professional reputation carries much more weight than any brokerage company or company brand that you choose to affiliate with. It’s all about you and only you and how you conduct yourself.

What are the character traits that make someone an outstanding person to work with on a personal and professional level? Integrity, intelligence, personal concern and dedication, sensitivity, emotional stability and maturity, strong inner confidence, common sense, directness and honesty, patience, perseverance, respect and appreciation for people of all cultural backgrounds, great communication skills and great closing skills.

There are some excellent brokerage companies and real estate brokerage brands to affiliate with, however that well known, prestigious company will not guarantee your long term success in the real estate brokerage business if you do not work hard to develop yourself personally and professionally. Yes, it’s hard work, but well worth it.

At Accord Real Estate Group, we are very proud of our brand, but a company is only as good as the people that make up that company. Our agents are outstanding both personally and professionally and we are grateful that we work so well together.

Accord Real Estate Group is growing. If you share our passion for real estate and you have life experiences that you believe can translate into a successful career in real estate sales, call us.

Our office environment is open, friendly and collaborative. Your success is our success. Call us!

Thank you.