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Real Estate Brokerage – Marketing Consulting

August 4th 2017
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This blog is a continuation in the series of blogs regarding the actual business of the real estate brokerage business.

In real estate brokerage there are two sides to a transaction, i.e. the listing side, where a broker is hired to represent the seller and their interests and the selling side where a salesperson works with the buyer to find a suitable property for that buyer’s needs.

For the purposes of today’s blog, we are focusing on the listing or marketing consulting side of a real estate transaction and what that job entails.

It may take several years to acquire the necessary experience working with many types of properties and property owners, developing an analytical skill set in assessing the marketplace for your client and developing you’re your own unique eyeball to eyeball presentation style to become proficient in real estate marketing consulting.

What will a salesperson interested in developing skills in this area need in terms of specific experience? For starters, market knowledge of what types of properties are selling faster or slower in any particular neighborhood for how much, where within that particular neighborhood and why that sale price and not another price? Market knowledge is the foundation on which a career in marketing consulting must be built.

Market knowledge also includes recognizing trends in your market area and a good grasp of with which property types appeal to which type buyers (end users), investors or developers.

When having a market evaluation consulting meeting/ listing presentation with a perspective new client, the ability to listen very carefully to them and what they are saying as opposed to just talking, being observant in reading that perspective client, show integrity and honesty and always being polite, professional and well prepared for your presentation/ consultation are crucial skills necessary to build rapport, trust and to create a high degree of comfort and confidence necessary in capturing new clients and being hired as the person who will handle and orchestrate the marketing and sale process of their valued real estate asset.

Let’s say you’ve been hired! Congratulations on taking on a new client! Designing an effective marketing strategy for that specific property and that owner is an important task that must be executed with a lot of care. Do your very best to ensure the desired response of attracting numerous qualified buyers who call or email inquiring about the property.

The rewards of being successful at real estate marketing consulting are many, including having a great cash flow of income from commissions earned, good control of your time and schedule, respect from your clients on a job well done, referrals from past clients and if you are truly great at it you are building a reputation and brand that you will be very proud of!

If you are interested in being mentored in acquiring the skills necessary to be an expert at real estate marketing consulting, call us.

Thank you,

Jeff Grandis and Anna Kader broker- owners at Accord Real Estate Group