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So, You want To be A Real Estate Agent/Broker In Brooklyn NY

July 31st 2019
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If you come into The Real Estate brokerage business with the idea that it's a glamorous career lifestyle, you are in for a rude awakening. Yes, if you develop a feel and a taste for the business, it gets into your blood and you come to really enjoy the tasks of doing the real estate business, that's a good thing. For most people, real estate is a bad career choice. Why?

The work of consistently doing the tasks to become a success in real estate can be tedious and painful until you become experienced to the point where you have honed and fine tuned your skills and you are experiencing a consistent cash flow of commissions from closings.

Even when you become skilled at what you do whether a marketing consultant representing sellers or a buyer's agent, it's always a hustle and many times tough to handle if you don't have the experience, stamina and the right business and personal attitude. Also, it is critical to keep in mind that when you are working in real estate brokerage, your income is commission based only. As the expression goes, you eat what you kill.

It is also important that you understand that no matter how smooth, straightforward or simple a transaction looks up front, the sale process is ALWAYS a roller coaster ride. Why? The answer is people. Most people involved in real estate transactions, whether buyer, seller, mortgage broker, inspector, attorney, agents or brokers, no one is perfect and mistakes and stuff happens!

An experienced real estate broker or agent must always remain steady, level headed, patient and focused on keeping the transaction on track and all parties calm in order to close and collect your hard earned commission. Moving a transaction through the sales process is usually not smooth. You should take my word for it.

My name is Jeff Grandis, I am a Broker/Owner of Accord Real Estate Group along with my business part ner Anna Kader. Together with our real estate agents we are Brooklyn realtors meaning that we are affiliated real estate professionals who are a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). i've been brokering real estate transactions large, small and everything in between for the last 32 years. Like the Television commercial says " I've seen a thing or two".

You must try to keep in mind that in the real estate brokerage business whether it is in Brooklyn, NY or anywhere else every client is different, every customer is different, every property is different, every transaction is different and every day presents a great opportunity to grow your business and establish your unique brand of doing business. 

There are no if's, and's or buts about it, real estate is an intensely eyeball to eyeball people business where you are connecting with many different kinds of people. If you don't enjoy dealing with many different kinds of people, respecting and appreciating their individuality, real estate brokerage is not for you. Find another profession that uses your unique skill set. 

To summarize, for me, there is no better business than the real estate brokerage business, when it's working well. That's entirely up to you. Good luck!

In the mean time if you are interested in selling your property or you know someone who is planning to sell their Brooklyn New York property, whether a single family residential property,  an apartment building, a commercial property, mixed use, multi family, coop or condo, vacant land or a development opportunity, call us. You will be very happy that you did.

We always bring our clients the top market price for their property and provide exceptional personalized service from initial consultation to closing.

Thank you,

Accord Real Estate Group

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