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By Accord Real Estate Group

RE Opportunities for Investors and Developers in Brooklyn New York

July 18th 2012
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There has always been a group of "players" so to speak, that is in the business of Buying, Fixing and Selling properties and a group specializing in developing new condominium and mixed use projects in many established and emerging Brooklyn, NY neighborhoods.

We are seeing an increase in recent months in the number of people looking for investment and development opportunities in Brooklyn. There are several reasons for this like the weak economy and unpredictable stock market has created the necessity for many people to find alternative careers and ways to invest their money. For example, there are retailers and manufacturers who have seen a tremendous downturn in their businesses. Many had been successful in their businesses and see investing in real estate by acquiring properties with good value as a great opportunity to get into a new and lucrative business. In today’s real estate market conditions if the investors make good decisions when they purchase and sell properties there is tremendous potential for growth and incredible amount of money to be made.

On the development end of the business, Brooklyn is getting very busy once again. With the emergence of several Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Gowanus, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Fort Greene, Red Hook just to name a few, with the right location, lot size, zoning, FAR and amount of buildable square feet permitted and of course the right price, there is a lot of money to be made. Whether you are building to rent and have a cash flow or you are building to sell condominium units, making good decisions is crucial to maximize profit.

At Accord Real Estate Group we specialize in helping Investors and Developers to make good decisions when selling and buying properties.

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