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Positive changes in the Real Estate Market in Brooklyn, NY

July 11th 2012
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In the last six months, Accord Real Estate Group, which primarily markets and sells an inventory of residential, commercial, mixed use, investment and development properties, has successfully sold most of their inventory. We are experiencing a noticeable increase in the number of transactions in all property types and investment opportunities. It is a clear indication that the Brooklyn Real Estate market is showing signs of improvement. We just closed on a lovely, brick two family house in good condition in Gravesend, where the purchaser's interest rate on their loan was 2.85% fixed for 15 years! We know that properties of all types that are being priced fairly, are selling within a reasonable amount of time and not sitting on the market month after month as had been the case just 1- 2 years ago. The value of properties of all types in the Brooklyn Real Estate Market have finally stabilized after several years of declining values and are slowly rising incrementally once again in many Brooklyn neighborhoods.

It is a great time to sell and a great time to buy says Grandis, who has been brokering Brooklyn Real Estate for 25 years. Please call us at Accord Real Estate Group at 718-375-2065 or 917-804-3198.