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Online Dream Home Purchase

December 3rd 2023
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Just the thought of building a home from start to finish sounds like a potential nightmare.

Welcome, a Manhattan (NYC) based tech start-up has revolutionized home building with a tech enabled online platform to change the way people buy and personalize their dream home. Sounds too good to be true. Welcome is a tech enabled home building company that promises to get you from your dream home vision to move in with just a few clicks!

What's so rare and surprising is that your price is guaranteed from day one. No overages, no surprises – ever.

This never happens in my 35+ years of experience, brokering residential and commercial real estate transactions. These folks seem to have figured it out.

These talented group of people are the team at Digital Ocean,and their top drawer team of civil engineers, architects and designers. Welcome saw 500% growth last year and by streamlining and taking out the immense amount of time and anxiety of building a home, they are continuing their incredible upward trajectory.

According to Welcome CEO Alec Hartman “There's historically been a high preference for new homes and that was the default choice, because existing inventory just wasn't there”.

Welcome homes are not “modular homes” or “spec homes” they are built using the traditional, tried and true stick build construction, built 100% on site.

According to Douha El-Hely, Welcome's research manager “Welcome is highly focused on implementing technology advancements to standardize the building process”. “The use of AI and automation in various aspects of land vetting for home building will only progress. Welcome's future in every stage in the pipeline – making the land evaluation process take 3 seconds instead of the usual 3 hours”.

The steps in this process are:

1)Choose your land (building site) on an interactive map of pre vetted sites in desirable existing communities. You will see exactly where you can build and the estimated cost.

2)design your home using Welcome's digital design studio with 200,000 possible combinations of features, lifestyle based upgrades and more. Welcome has a design studio in Manhattan, located at 41 Madison Avenue on the 32nd floor where you can stop by and receive a free design consultation.

3)Make an offer for the land and an offer for the home construction. Once your offer is accepted the build price is guaranteed and won't change during construction.

This is so rare and such a welcomed practice, especially if you've had experience with contractors and the games and tricks and price fluctuations always upward to complete the job.

Welcome is a one stop shop, as they can also assist you in securing a mortgage if needed. Amazingly, you are done! Everything is handled from permits and approvals to pre construction. Your team updated you every step of the way. Track your build in real time by logging into your account. Pretty Amazing!

To be continued...

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