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East New York Brooklyn Neighborhood Update

October 19th 2014
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East New York in Brooklyn is the focus of a revitalization effort by Mayor Bill Di Blasio and his administration. A big step towards the mayor’s goal to create affordable housing  in New York is that recently ground has been broken on Livonia Commons, phase one of a multi phase project that will eventually, when complete create 791 units of affordable housing.The developer of phase one of the project is Dunn Development Corporation. Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development says that " the development would knit together the community - not just build on top of it." Ms. Glen continued to say that " we're providing affordable homes, creating good new jobs for local workers and creating space so community groups that serve East New can grow and thrive." 

Other exciting news for East New York neighborhood residents is the arrival of Aldi, in the Gateway Center. Aldi, is a multinational super discount supermarket chain, that sells 90% private label brands with pricing as low as 50% less in some cases than other leading grocery chain stores. For example, a gallon of milk at $2.99, a cheerios look alike for $1.79 per box, one lb of butter for $2.99 and one dozen eggs at $1.29. Aldi's V.P. Bruce Persohn says that "our pricing fits any neighborhood." Aldi's has new organic and gluten free product lines as well as many different fresh fruits and vegetable healthy choices that are priced not to bust your budget. Aldi's is one of a number of new stores being built in the phase two expansion of the suburban type shopping mall just off of the Belt Parkway. Neighborhood residents are thrilled at the arrival of Aldi, it is just what the community needs, more healthy and affordable food choices.

Another example of progress in East New York is that empty lots are being repurposed to provide affordable space for up and coming artists and entrepreneurs. This project is called the RE New Lots Markets and Artist Incubator project and will provide 7 affordable spaces for retail and 7 more spaces for visual arts studios to be completed by December 2014. This program sponsored by Arts East New York  will help entrepreneurs grow commercially and develop as business owners while also helping artists in giving them a professional environment where they can exhibit their work to peers, arts enthusiasts and curators. The program has the backing of the New York City Department of Culture, Department of Business Services, Economic Development Corporation, The Brooklyn Arts Council, The Pratt Center For Community Development and the non for profit arts group, A Blade of Grass.

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