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Crown Heights North III - Brooklyn Landmarks

March 4th 2015
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The latest push to establish several more blocks of Crown Heights North as a historic district is taking place now.  The Landmarks Preservation Commission proposed in Phase III to designate 600+ homes as another part of a historic district that already exists. There are two other sections of Crown Heights North that have already been designated historic districts.

These historic and truly magnificent Brownstone, Limestone and Brick homes sit in the area between Kingston and Albany Avenues from Pacific Street to Lincoln Place, with a few select streets between Kingston and Brooklyn Avenues.

There is a big outreach effort being mounted by the Crown Heights North Association to inform the neighborhoods older homeowners of their rights as owners of property in a historic district and to make them aware of how their property values have skyrocketed.

The Crown Heights North Association needs new, young members with a vision for the neighborhood and energy to grow the membership of the association. To see the details of the proposal including proposed historic distric map please visit Pending Historic Districts page at nyc.gov  as well as crownheightsnorth.org.

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