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The Power and Influence Of Community Boards

May 7th 2023
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As a lifelong resident of Brooklyn NY, a real estate broker for over 34 years and a Brooklyn College (class of 1978) graduate, it is clear to me that Brooklyn is amongst the best places to live in New York City.

Many of Brooklyn's neighborhoods have a rich history and a vibrant diversity of residents. Each neighborhood enjoys a strong sense of community and strong, local dedicated engagement. It is because of this dedicated local engagement that community boards are an important part of local governance in Brooklyn and beyond.

Myself, being a front row observer of how Brooklyn has evolved over the decades, it is plain to see the power and influence of community boards in shaping neighborhoods.

To clarify what a community board is and it's purpose, make note of the following:

A community board is a local government body composed of volunteers who represent their neighborhood and advise on issues affecting their community. Issues range from crucial land use, zoning and development proposals to traffic safety and public health concerns.

Community boards are an intermediary between city for a term agency and the residents of a specific neighborhood. By serving on a community board, residents have the opportunity to voice their concerns and advocate for change in their neighborhood.

Community boards have the power to hold public hearings and issue advisory opinions on matters that impact their communities. 

Each board has 50 members, half of whom are nominated by the city council members that represent the community board and half are nominated by the borough’s president. Appointments are made every 2 years and members serve as volunteers for a term of 2 years. Community board members can serve up to 4 consecutives 2 year terms. It is important to have a mix of experienced veterans and new members, ensuring continuity and allowing for fresh perspectives to be brought to the table.

A community board recommendation almost always has the power to sway elected officials and decision makers at levels of government by representing the views and concerns of their constituents. Community boards advocate for the interests of their neighborhoods. Neighborhoods need strong community boards!

To be continued...

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