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Why Choose a Career in Real Estate Sales

July 5th 2017
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Real Estate sales is an old and noble profession. Very few people 30 to 40 years ago actually planned to have a career in real estate sales. In my case, Real Estate sales was a career change from the Fashion Industry when I was 32. I’m 61 now and I wouldn’t exchange these years in Real Estate sales for anything. At 32, I was a fairly skilled and experienced salesperson, having dealt with a wide variety of professional fashion buyers and making face to face presentations in fashion showrooms in Manhattan.

I’m one of the very lucky real estate broker/owners who has enjoyed and continues to enjoy a wonderful career in real estate sales, building a great brand in Accord Real Estate Group and working with some great people, clients, customers, colleagues and new recruits to our company.

My business partner Anna worked in IT for major banks, but an economic downturn left her out of a job and with a mortgage to pay. Real Estate sales was a big career change for Anna. Well, years have quickly gone by since Anna and I decided to combine our skill sets and build a wonderful real estate brokerage company, Accord Real Estate Group over decade ago.

It’s pretty clear to Anna and I why we chose a career in real estate sales. The upside of real estate sales is:

1. The freedom to plan and use your time as you see fit.

2. The empowering ability to craft your niche businesses to suit your vision, sensibilities, goals and lifestyle choices.

3. If you have the ability to focus, work smart and hard, possess a great attitude (attitude is everything!) are great with people and you are an ethical person and integrity is important to you, there is no limit to your earning potential.

4. It may take some time to happen, but once you become proficient at real estate sales, there is almost no better business to be in. The feeling of fulfillment is tremendous, helping clients whose lives are in transition sell their real estate assets and possibly refer other perspective clients to you.

5. If you become a skilled, successful real estate salesperson and you are bi lingual or better still multi lingual, you will enjoy a huge advantage over many other real estate agents.

The downside to real estate sales is:

1. You may discover, sometimes early on, that you are not right for the business. Either you derive enjoyment out of, have a good feel for and the tenacity to handle the many tasks involved in real estate sales or you don’t.

2. Until you are established and have a steady income from deals scheduled to close and deals in contract, you will still need to pay your bills. It’s a tough balancing act at first.

3. You will be challenged to become skilled in many different ways dealing with buyers and sellers.

4. Plan on a few monrhs to a one full year of no income or a very small income until you can create a consistent cash flow.

5.This holds true for many businesses but it’s important to mention that in real estate sales, even after you are doing well there will still be peaks and valleys in your business.

Accord Real Estate Group is growing. If you share our passion for real estate and you have life experiences that you believe can translate into a successful career in real estate sales, call us.

Our office environment is open, friendly and collaborative. Your success is our success.

Thank you,

Jeff and Anna