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Bushwick Rezoning and Landmark Status Update

December 21st 2020
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In our blogs dated December 4th 2019 and January 11th 2020 we noted that Bushwick, Brooklyn NY residents had banded together and joined with Councilmembers Antonio Reynoso and Rafael Espinal to craft a community led rezoning plan. At that time, Mayor Di Blasio's administration has come up with their own rezoning proposal for Bushwick which differs from the community's plan for affordable housing and manufacturing spaces.

The original rezoning outline from Department of City Planning called for stricter zoning to curtail development and landmarking initiatives to preserve historic areas. The Bushwick anti gentrification community plan calls for a downzoning of the neighborhood. The community is battling against the displacement of low income communities of color in favor of luxury developments.

The Lindermann house located at 1001 Bushwick Avenue is set for demolition, indicating just how vulnerable Bushwick is to development. For many Bushwick residents the tension in not just between affluent newcomers and longtime residents. It's about preserving historic and beautiful facades and cornices, preserving the neighborhood's cultural identity and affordable housing. The proposed 7 story residential building to replace Lindermann House like many new developments in Bushwick is unwelcomed by community members and local elected officials. According to Erik Dilan assembly member for the 54th district which encompasses Bushwick “we are not happy about housing that has no intention for our people to live in”. “We have a diverse and large community of all walks of life and races and to build housing for people that are not from the community is not what we are looking for”.

Today's residential zoning in Bushwick has no height restrictions and it appears that rezoning negotiations and historic preservation discussions between the Bushwick community and the City and LPC have broken down. According to Celeste Leon, the district manager of Bushwick's community board, “Preservation is really just a tool in addition to zoning”. “We are trying to use these tools to protect and preserve Bushwick and make sure that it's one that is reflective of our history and culture far into the future”.

Establishing historic districts in Bushwick was 1st explored in 1971 but had not been prioritized until now. According to Landmark Preservation Commission spokesperson Zodet Negron, agency reviews of Bushwick Avenue “found that it lacks the consistency and intact historic character necessary for it to merit historic district designation”. According to Sanford Ikeda, a professor of economics at Purchase College, who has studied the impacts of historic designation “it may not prevent cultural change and displacement the way the community hopes”.

The Bushwick Community Board and elected officials hope that the next Mayor will revisit their plan. Without a downzone and LPC landmark status designations, much of Bushwick remains open for development.

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