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Brooklyn Real Estate Brokerage – Branding Yourself

July 28th 2017
Tags: Brooklyn Real Estate, New York Real Estate

The importance of branding yourself in today’s real estate industry can not be overstated.

In our everyday lives we approach everything that we do and all of the daily interactions that we have with people in our own unique way, leaving our own personal touch and impression.

In business, no matter what the profession, whether it be Banking, Medicine, Law and certainly real estate marketing and sales, branding yourself is critical in setting yourself apart from everyone else. 

As a real estate industry newcomer or seasoned veteran, which Brokerage Company you choose to affiliate with can have a tremendous impact on the success of  your business.

Will you have the critical support, guidance and sharing of ideas from your real estate broker? Will you be encouraged and guided to develop, nurture and build a brand and niche businesses of your own?

At Accord Real Estate Group we recognize that it’s all about your vision, your ideas, your goals and your dreams.   Let’s work together building your real estate business so that you can enjoy the financial success and personal freedom that many people dream about.

At Accord Real Estate Group we provide our highly valued agents with personalized training geared toward their strengths, assets and uniqueness in an open, friendly and collaborative office environment. We are proud to be a diverse group of individuals, fluent in English, the Cantonese and Mandarin dialects, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Italian. We all share many things in common and beyond a doubt we all share a passion for success in the real estate business.

Our reputation with our client’s is well documented. Visit our website at accreg.com to read past client and attorney testimonial letters to learn about their experiences with our company.

We are experts in real estate marketing and sales across all property types such as single family residential, multi  family residential ,mixed use, commercial, vacant land for ground up development, existing buildings suitable for adaptive reuse, co op apartments and condominium apartments.

We service the boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx.

Are you looking to make a change of affiliation from your current brokerage company or are you new to the profession? Call us.

Thank you.

Jeff Grandis and Anna Kader Broker/Owners

Accord Real Estate Group