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Brooklyn NY Real Estate Brokering - do’s and don’ts

February 6th 2020
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With 33 years of successfully brokering real estate transactions in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, I’ve learned many do’s and don’ts. In this week’s blog I will share just a few do’s and don’ts of the business of doing the real estate brokerage business.

The foundation for building relationships with your clients and customers is trust. To gain trust you must demonstrate your knowledge and dedication to assisting your buyers and sellers to reach their goals. For buyers, the goal is purchasing just the right property to suit their needs and for sellers the goal is transitioning out of ownership of a property. You must keep in mind that every buyer is different and every seller is different, each with their own individual ideas and expectations of the buying and selling process. This sounds simple enough, but as a real estate professional you must be very sensitive and listen very carefully to your buyers and sellers. Some of the most valuable lessons learned and a real education about the past and current market comes from listening to the experiences of your buyers and sellers.

In today’s booming residential, commercial and industrial real estate market there are countless licensed real estate agents working as buyer’s agents. The top selling agents do take the time, emotion and energy to gain the trust of their buyers and learn what is most important to that buyer and focus on finding that one special property that is a square peg for a square hole. Top selling agents should not ever attempt to sell a property by portraying it as being “just the right property” for a buyer if they have not put in the time and energy learning about and working with and gaining the trust of that buyer.

Agents that do not work in their buyer’s and seller’s best interest will have a short lived career in real estate.

Yes, as licensed real estate agents and brokers in Brooklyn, we gain experience and knowledge through the years and hopefully (it’s very nice if this happens) we come to enjoy the service that we provide to our customers and clients ( buyers and sellers) and of course closings can be a wonderful experience, if you make it your business to make it so.  Sometimes, our transactions move fairly smoothly towards to closing, BUT, many times, especially in today’s market, quite a few transactions are taking longer to close or fail to close because problems arise. Some problems that can potentially cause a deal to break apart such as title issues, tenant problems or certificate of occupancy discrepancies, liens, buyer misrepresentation etc. can many times be handled by an experienced real estate agent. Keeping a transaction on track to close when problems arise requires experience, an understanding of everyone’s goal involved in this transaction and most importantly having a tremendous amount of patience and being professionally persistent enough to get the deal closed and done.

To be continued...

If you are interested in selling your property or you know someone who is planning to sell their Brooklyn or New York property, whether a single family residential property,  an apartment building, a commercial property, mixed use, multi family, coop or condo, vacant land or a development opportunity, call us. You will be very happy that you did.

We always bring our clients the top market price for their property and provide exceptional personalized service from initial consultation to closing.

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