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Wonderful and Fun Neighborhood Street Fairs - A Brooklyn Tradition

October 11th 2014
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Every year, Brooklynites in different neighborhoods across the borough organize an amazing array of festivals and street fairs.

The Cranberry Street Fair, a Northern Brooklyn Heights celebration of the coming of autumn has been going on for the past 35 years. Organized by John and Richanda Rhoden, according to Ms. Rhoden "part of the charm is the fair's small size, it's so human and we don't want it to get bigger".

In all of the years of the Cranberry Fair there has never been a commercial street food vendor. Residents make everything themselves from cranberry muffins and cupcakes to hot dogs and hamburgers. Neighborhood shops donate coffee and snacks and local businesses kick in gifts for the raffle.

Fair participants can get belly dancing lessons, climb on the fire engine, show off their pets, have their fortunes told, do square dancing and listen to Jazz music.

Another wonderful neighborhood fair is The 47th Annual Ragamuffin Parade in Bay Ridge where thousands of kids dress up in a wide array of costumes. The parade is a beloved tradition and it gives the kids a chance to enjoy the spotlight.

The parade is sponsored by the nonprofit group Ragamuffin Inc. led by Colleen Golden. This year popular costumes were Captain America, circus clowns, dogs, cats, princesses, lions, tigers, bears, firefighters, astronauts and Spiderman. 

The kids were accompanied by their teachers, parents and some kids had their grandparents with them as well. This year the prizewinners were Maya La Croix dressed as a red box movie rental, Luka Puglisi riding in a hot air balloon and Daniela Vasquez dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein complete with wild hair that had a lightning bolt going through it.

The parade also had bag pipers and marching bands which were enjoyed by all, but the Fort Hamilton High School Band was an especially big hit.

Another gem of a street fair is the Fifth Annual Dog Show, one of the highlights of The Montague Street Fair in Brooklyn Heights. Judy Stanton executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association says "this is a really dog friendly neighborhood, so many people have dogs. It just gets more popular every year".

The categories in the show this year were Best Kisser, Most Obedient, Most Precious Petite, Talented Trixster, Most Magnificent, Sweet Talker, Most Lovable Large, Who Wore It Best, Fashionista and Best In Show. The Best Kisser award went to Lydia, a Blue Roam English Cocker Spaniel, owned by Amanda Tree. Ms. Tree said that her secret was having a very loving dog. The Best In Show award went to Finn, a Border Collie Mix who belongs to Rachel Lipson. Finn plays the piano and knows a number of wonderful tricks. The Most Magnificent award went to Gatsby, owned by Lily Lapiner.

Of the numerous neighborhood street fairs that go on in Brooklyn every year some others that are not to be missed are the now 10th Annual Brooklyn Book Festival held in Downtown Brooklyn, what will be the 30th Annual Saint Ann's Puppet Parade held in Brooklyn Heights,a celebration of life and Spring and what will be the 40th Annual and very popular, Third Avenue Festival held in Bay Ridge a 23 block extravaganza that is attended by hundreds of thousands.

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