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Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 Development Faces Opposition

August 27th 2014
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During the Bloomberg years, Brooklyn experienced rapid residential growth from Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn To Williamsburg. There is a planned development project that the Brooklyn Bridge Development Corporation is accepting and reviewing requests for proposals from Developers interested in doing the project. The project being proposed is for two residential towers to be built on Pier 6 at the parks southernmost edge. The towers would be 315 feet high and 155 feet high for a total of 430 residential units.

Many people in the community as well as the Community Advisory Council have expressed concern and opposition to this project for several reasons such as:

1. Public School 8 in district 13 is already full.

2. There are no more Pre K programs available.

3. How to accommodate a huge new influx of residents.

4. Obstruction of sunlight and views.

5. Overcrowding of an already popular park.

6. Reliance on outdated data that does not take into consideration the tremendous growth in population in the area and the impact of the recent closure of the LICH etc...

The community here would like to see a more toned down version of the project which would fit in with the height of existing buildings in the neighborhood and not something out of scale.

The People For Green Space Foundation want the Pier 6 RFP to be annulled and a new environmental review be done since park circumstances have changed since the housing plans were first put together, such as Superstorm Sandy, overcrowding of neighborhood schools and increased pedestrian and car traffic.  

Lori Schomp who leads the group Save Pier 6, supports the mayor's efforts on affordable housing, but the towers as designed in the Brooklyn Bridge Park take away precious green space from all of the people of Brooklyn. Ms. Schomp has said that "it's a really beautiful special spot. We should do creative, wonderful things for it and keep it for other generations".

On the other side of the argument is Belinda Cape. a spokeswoman for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation who will be moving ahead with receiving, reviewing and negotiating responses to the Pier 6 requests for proposals from perspective developers for the project despite mounting opposition to the project.

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