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2023 Winner of The Greenest Block In Brooklyn Award

October 22nd 2023
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This award has been running for nearly 30 years and it is that time again! The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, BBG (my wife Jackie and I got married there this past May 9th!) celebrates The Power of Trees with this annual award. Other categories being judged and awarded winners are the greenest commercial block, the greenest storefront and best community garden.

Without any further ado, the 2023 residential block winner for 2023 is East 25th Street, between Clarendon Road and Avenue D! Judges chose from 190 entries from all over the borough, with both the greenery of each block and the community surrounding it. This year’s winner is the champion of both of those criteria.

What made East 25th Street the winning block, are the block's diverse front gardens and lush shady trees, the potted plants hanging from NO PARKING signs, the flower filled wheelbarrows and the array of information plaques educating the public on pollinators and urban gardening. According to BBG President Adrian Benepe “the block is more than a garden, however It's also a community”.

According to Carol Reneau, the co chair of the block's garden club “The theme for this year's competition, The Power of Trees, has each tree on the block named after a child who helped tend it”. “We try to include the young people on the block.” “This is how we build community- it's inter-generational. When young people can speak to you about plants, we are excited.”

East 25th Street has a great reputation for winning this award, with 1st place achieved in 2016, 2011, 2006 and 2004. This block clearly has a long tradition of urban gardening.

Reneau says “ It's about meeting people where they are. If they need help with watering, we're going to do the watering. If someone doesn't know anything about gardening and planting. we are going to help them garden and plant. That's how we get behind the whole community”.

Benepe says “Trees are essential in the fight against climate change.” Antonio Reynoso, Brooklyn Borough President said “It’s the difference of everyday people making change, making their block greener and contributing to the greater good: that's what's going to make the biggest difference”. “If everyone in Brooklyn contributes a little bit of their time, the difference we can make will be astounding”.

Congratulations to East 25th Street between Clarendon Road and Avenue D for their 2023 win as the Residential Greenest Block In Brooklyn!

Who will win next year? To be continued...

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