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Red Hook Brooklyn New York

By Accord Real Estate Group
ZIP Code 11231

Red Hook has always been renowned as a tough section of Brooklyn. Al Capone got his start as a small time criminal there. The ambience of the earlier years in Red Hook Brooklyn New York is well captured in Elia Kazan's film “On the Waterfront”. Red Hook Brooklyn New York housing was originally built for the families of dock workers. Native Red Hook Residents look forward to the revitalization of their neighborhood. The expansion of new housing and commercial real estate development in Red Hook Brooklyn New York is well under way and Real Estate values have increased dramatically. The price range of housing in Red Hook Brooklyn New York is from $600,000 to $900,000.

Neighborhood Boundaries

From the Buttermilk Channel on the west and north to Hamilton Avenue and the Gowanus Expressway on the east to Erie Basin and Gowanus Bay on the south.

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Red Hook Brooklyn Real Estate

Selling or buying home or investment property in Red Hook Brooklyn New York? Learn about the current, top market value of your property. Get a free property evaluation. Please email Jeff Grandis - Brooklyn realtor - at jeff@accreg.com or call at 917-804-3198. It is now a fact that families from all five New York City boroughs especially from Manhattan, are seeking to buy a home in Brooklyn, NY because Brooklyn is no longer an alternative, it is the 1st and best choice in where to buy. For information about schools in Red Hook Brooklyn, NY please click on the following link: Schools for Red Hook Brooklyn, NY 11231. Click here for Listed Properties in Red Hook Brooklyn, NY 11231