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Zip Codes 11207 and 11208

The area that is today East New York was once called Ostwont (east woods). In the 1670's farmers from Flatbush moved east seeking new land and renamed the area New Lots, to contrast with a part of Flatbush near the village center, which was then called Old Lots. Village streets were laid out in 1677. The New Lots Reformed Dutch Church, which is also called the New Lots Community Church was built in 1824, and this landmarked building still stands on New Lots Avenue. New Lots remained mostly rural until 1835 when John Pitkin a wealthy Connecticut merchant, bought land north of New Lots Avenue and named the area East New York because it was at the eastern end of metropolitan New York City. After the Willimsburg Bridge opened in 1903 and the Interborough Rapid Transit subway reached New Lots in 1922, East New York expanded. Housing that was built was mostly walk up apartments and row houses, but side streets were dotted with freestanding houses designed for two,three and four families. There are also a number of large housing complexes in East New York, including Louis H Pink Houses, Cypress Hills Housing, Linden Homes, Linden Plaza Houses and Boulevard Housing. During the early and mid 1980's a consortium of local organizations, church congregations and homeowner associations working with the Council of East Brooklyn Churches began to develop private houses in East New York. Many of these Nehemiah Houses (named after the biblical reformer) two story one family row houses were built on Blake and Dumont Avenues between Cleveland and Warwick Streets. More than 1,000 of these new homes have been built in East New York, and more than 600 additional houses were built by the year 2000. The main commercial areas of East New York are Pitkin Avenue, New Lots Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue.

In 1972 construction began on the 153 acre Starrett City (now Starrett at Spring Creek), 46 apartment buildings, each with as many as 20 stories. Starrett at Spring Creek is the largest federally assisted housing project in the United States. Today East New York residents consider the development where these buildings stand interspersed with ball fields,parks and shopping areas a part of their community and shop at many of Starrett's stores.

Some residents of East New York feel that East New York includes the smaller neighborhoods of New Lots and Starrett at Spring Creek. East New York's neighborhood organizations focus on supporting and nurturing with recreational and educational programs the more than 60,000 children and young adults who live in the area. Since around the 1970's, East New York residents have gathered each September at the annual East New York Street Fair and Music Festival held on New Lots Avenue. For the past quarter century or so, the Latin Souls Little League has also celebrated their opening day in May with a parade in East New York. The price range of homes in East New York Brooklyn NY is from  $200,000's - $600,000's.

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