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East Flatbush Brooklyn New York

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Zip Code 11236, 11203 and 11212

East Flatbush is a dynamic neighborhood that has grown by leaps and bounds since the early 1980's. Until recently the area was looked at as a mixture of smaller neighborhoods, Remsen Village, Rugby, Wingate,  Farragut and Erasmus. It is now a unified and primarily Carribean American community that embraces these earlier boundaries. Developement of East Flatbush into residential neighborhoods began around the turn of the twentieth century.

An early area within East Flatbush to be developed was Rugby. In 1900 the real estate firm Wood,Harmon and Company purchased many acres of farmland and made a deal with Brooklyn Rapid Transit that the firm would build 50 houses within a year if the transit company would extend the trolley service. Rugby grew even larger after 1912 when the Interborough Rapid Transit started to extend the subway along Nostrand Avenue. Most of the one and two family detached and semi detached houses that still stand in East Flatbush within the old boundaries of Rugby were built during the 1920's  and 1930's. A few apartmnent buildings were contructed after World War 2. Utica and Church Avenues have remained major commercial centers. In the late 1930's developer Fred Trump built bungalows on Remsen Avenue near East New York and Clarkson Avenues on the site that was once the winter home of the Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Remsen Village has always been the neighborhood's main attraction for shoppers. Small businesses and shopping areas also line Ditmas Avenue and Linden Boulevard. Remsen Village's  modest attached and semi attached brick brick homes were built in the early twentieth century.

Wingate was named after General George Wingate High School, named for the founder and president of the National Rifle Association was built on Kinaston Avenue. From the 1920's to the 1950's detached and semi detached wooden frame houses ,row houses and walk up apartment buildings sprang up in Wingate. Two story townhouses with interior gardens with courtyards were built in the 1920's. Wingate is known for it's expansive parks including Wingate Playground, Alexander Metz Playground and All Boy's Athletic Field. Colorful and tasteful stores along Nostrand Avenue and Empire Boulevard attract residents and visitors alike.

Farragut is named for Admiral David G. Farragut who distinguished himself in the Mexican and Civil Wars. From 1925 to 1950 most residents of Farragut were Jews and Italian Americans who lived in one and two family detached and semi detached houses built between 1920 and 1930. By the 1990's  most residents were African American and Latin American. Farragut changed radically after World War 2, when many apartment buildings sprang up. The need for housing led to the construction of Vanderveer Estates. This middle income apartment complex of 59 buildings is home to more than 12,000 residents.

Neighborhood Boundaries

East Flatbush: from Rogers Avenue to Clarkson Avenue to Bedford Avenue to Clarendon Road back to Rogers Avenue to Flatbush Avenue on the west to Rockaway Parkway through Brooklyn Terminal Market to East 83rd Street to Foster Avenue and East 56th street on the east, from Empire Boulevard and East New York Avenue on the north to Avenue H on the south.

Rugby: from Schenectady Avenue on the west to East 56th street on the east, from Church Avenue on the north to Clarendon Road on the south.

Wingate: from Kingston Avenue on the west to Albany Avenue on the east, from Empire Boulevard on the north to Rutland Road on the south.

Farragut: from Nostrand Avenue on the west to Troy Avenue on the east, from Foster Avenue on the north to Avenue H on the south.

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East Flatbush Brooklyn Real Estate

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