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The New York Naval Shipyard (NYNSY), also known as the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the New York Navy Yard and United States Navy Yard, New York,  is a large industrial site on the Brooklyn waterfront. It  is located 1.7 miles northeast of the Battery on the Brooklyn side of the East River in Wallabout Basin, a semicircular bend of the East River.  Admiral's Row at the Brooklyn NavyYard is a relic of the era when military officers lived at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in architecturally distinguished homes. The Navy decommissioned the Yard in 1966 and sold it to the City of New York. It then became an area of private manufacturing and commercial activity housing a variety of industries such as construction, computer and office supplies, refrigerated distribution facilities, theatrical set design, media communications,  motor overhauling and others.

The New York City Council granted final approval for the redevelopment of the six-acre Admirals Row site at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Nine of the 11 homes that comprise Admiral’s Row have fallen into such disrepair since the Navy Yard was closed in 1966 that they will be demolished.  Instead a 74,000 square feet supermarket and 79,000 square feet of additional retail space and industrial space, will be built. The two remaining historic structures, one of original houses known as Quarters B and a Timber Shed, which was used to store ship’s masts and is the last of its kind in the country, will be restored for additional retail shops.

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