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Real Estate Brokerage - Your Database – Your Success

August 31st 2017
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One of several key elements in working towards your long term success in the real estate brokerage business today is the size and quality (we’ll get back to this) of your database. Your database can include a pipeline of perspective new client listing leads to be cultivated into a saleable inventory of great properties to be marketed and sold, your sphere of influence (past sellers and buyers who are your advocates) and the group of clients and customers who you are currently servicing.

Whether you are farming/prospecting all property types in a specific neighborhood or a specific property type across several zip codes, or if you are working with 5 different buyers with different criteria forpurchasing a property that suits their needs, your database should continue to grow.

Just a brief word about the integrity of the data that you are inputting into your database. If you need to double or triple check, do so because the information has to be correct. You must be able to trust the data that you have so that you can extract maximum value from it.

In order to successfully cultivate your database into new business and closed transactions your marketing approach should be easy for people to have access to such as mailing postcards with your phone number. Be consistent and be multi-faceted, using multi channels. For example, your approach may be using direct mail, making phone calls and building a website. The challenge is connecting with people consistently and long term with your message. In our case, our company motto at Accord Real Estate Group communicates our reputation of experience, integrity and results.  

To learn more about Accord Real Estate Group and how we train our agents and brokers to build their database and their business, call us.

Thank you.

Jeff and Anna

Accord Real Estate Group