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Our Goals

By Accord Real Estate Group
Our Goals

Our goal is to make the process of selling a property a smooth and rewarding experience for our clients. After the closing, we want our client to say that they were pleased with our services and the results. It is extremely important to us to receive referrals from past client relationships. Some of the ways that we work to accomplish our goals are:

  1. Providing advice and feedback to the seller every step of the way from initial consultation to sitting together at the closing table.
  2. Designing a multi faceted strategic marketing plan to create an exposure specifically geared towards bringing activity and written bona fide offers.
  3. Personally screening each inquiry regarding the client's property to provide the best candidates as buyers for the property.
  4. Catering the showing schedule of the property to the specific needs of each sellers work and personal life so as not to dramatically disrupt their lives if at all possible.
  5. Personally accompanying other brokers and agents with customers to showings for our client's convenience.
  6. Providing each agent and buyer with literature and photos highlighting the best features and facts regarding the property.
  7. Assist sellers and buyers in finding a real estate attorney and a mortgage broker if the need arises.