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Testimonial Letter from Roslyn L. Seiler

Roslyn L. Seiler, April 1, 2005

April 1, 2005


Fillmore Real Estate

627 Kings Highway

Brooklyn, NY 11223



In the early summer of 2004 (late June), I decided to sell my home in Manhattan Beach, due to the untimely death of my beloved husband Theodore. Fortunately, I knew of (and so did my nephew Adam) as he contacted what he characterized as one of the best brokerage agencies in Brooklyn, Fillmore. More fortunately, he called them and put me in touch with Jeff Grandis and his associate Anna Kader, who, through constant phone calls to me and many personal home visits, elicited my preferences for a new location, size of same, reasons for the move, etc… They were extremely professional, constantly looking for buyers of integrity and substance, who would also meet my price requirements.


I have to say that both Jeff, Anna and I were so amenable without lots of “phony” effort which I have discerned in other brokers, that I felt their friendship and their compassion at my great time of need. Their professionalism, expertise and follow up was exceptional and so gratifying.


Finally, as they say, they worked “hand in glove” with me and I felt a kinship not usually typical of these situations.


I commend them both and highly endorse your agency for having chosen them.




Roslyn L. Seiler

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