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Testimonial Letter from June Machover Reneisch, Ph.D. & Leonard Allen Rosenblum, Ph.D

June Machover Reneisch, ph.D. & Leonard Allen Rosenblum, Ph.D, November 20, 1998

June Machover Reneisch, ph.D.
Leonard Allen Rosenblum, Ph.D
3865 Ocean View Avenue
Sea Gate, Brooklyn
New York 11224-1343
Tel: 718 373-2122 Fax: 718 373—7879

November 20, 1998

Jeff Grandis
1735 East 13th Street
Apartment 7L
Brooklyn, New York 11229

To whom it may concern:

There are four essential ingredients that make someone an outstanding person with whom to work, at both a professional and personal level. These are integrity, intelligence, personal concern and emotional stability. Based on our experience with him over the course of a number of months, in our judgement, Mr. Jeffrey Grandis embodies each of these qualities to an unusual degree.

Our work with Mr. Grandis was in conjunction with the sale of our large co-op apartment and the purchase of our new home. When we first met him, Jeff impressed us with the degree of personal interest he showed in attempting to find out about our needs and interests. Throughout these discussions we quickly discerned the excellent level of knowledge he had about the local real estate market and his personal philosophy about fulfilling individual needs by matching resources rather than trying to falsely portray a sow’s-ear” as a ‘silk-purse.” We continuously had the sense that he would rather have lost a sale than try to push us into something that was not right for us. Indeed he knew us well enough so that after first seeing the house we were ultimately to buy without being convinced that it was for us, he took the initiative to call and encourage us to see it one more time under more appropriate conditions. It was this second visit that allowed us finally to see its potential for us. It was Jeff’s sensitive appreciation of what was wrong with our first exposure and what was really right about this house for us that ultimately made for the sale.

His skill and readiness to reach out to us in helping us make the house purchase meant we were delighted to have him handle the sale of our co-op. And, he came through admirably. His thoughtful and nurturing relationship with the couple who bought our place meant that they were the only people he brought as prospects, and they bought immediately! It was clear that he understood them quite well and that they had developed the same sense of trust in Jeff we had.
It was in the complex period of the next several months, between the sales and purchases, that he demonstrated his abilities even further. His cool head, readiness to extend himself wherever necessary to keep all the parties of this complex $1,000,000 set of transactions moving forward without rancor were indispensable in carrying the business issues forward to the satisfaction of all concerned.

I am confident that Jeff Grandis will be a success in any venture towards which he puts his considerable talents. In addition to all his abilities he is a charming a personable man with whom it is a pleasure to work. We certainly recommend him without hesitancy or qualification. Indeed, were we involved in an appropriate enterprise, we would make every effort to bring Jeff into our business with all the inducements at our disposal.

June M. Reneisch, Ph.D.
Leonard A. Rosenblum, Ph.D.

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