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Testimonial Letter from James and Maureen Scandiffio

James and Maureen Scandiffio, April 1, 2008
Mr. James & Maureen Scandiffio
14 Highland Terrace
Verona, New Jersey 07044
April 1, 2008
ACCORD Real Estate Group
1833 East 7th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11223
Jeff Grandis, Broker & Owner
Anna Kader, Broker & Owner
Subject: Recommendation and Thank You!
Dear Jeff and Anna,
Thank you for an outstanding job well done.
The first day that I met Jeff his knowledge of the community and the real estate market was evident. After interviewing several Brokers; I felt a sense commitment and sensitivity to our personal needs that was not evident in other agents.
Jeff found a qualified buyer for our property in Manhattan Beach at a price that we were happy with within two weeks of signing him up. However, difficulty with a reluctant tenant required the ability of a shrewd mediator to negotiate. Jeff never backed down. Jeff and his equal partner Anna worked exceptionally well together to help resolve the problem. They went above and beyond what was expected of a Broker to relieve our concerns and the situation.
Jeff an eternal optimist and Anna a reliable Broker always followed up with any actions that were required. They always returned our phone calls and never left us with anxiety over what was the next step.
We recommend Jeff and Anna without hesitation or reservations 100%
Again, Jeff and Anna, thank you it was a pleasure doing business.
James & Maureen Scandiffio


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