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Testimonial Letter from Debra S. Kalmuss

Debra S. Kalmuss, May 6, 2010

Subject:               Re: Testimonial Letter

From:                    "Debra S. Kalmuss" dk6@columbia.edu

Date:                     Thu, May 6, 2010 20:37

To:                          jeff@jeffgrandis.com

Here it is.  I mean every word.

May 6, 2010

Dear Jeff,

I finally have a minute to write and thank you for your role in selling our parent’s house on East 29th street in Brooklyn.  This sale would never have been completed without your hard work, problem solving skills and unwavering support.  You marketed the house beautifully and listed it at a price that made us comfortable and had multiple people bidding on the property within one week.  You skillfully led us through the process of selecting the right buyer from the various bidders.  Once we accepted the buyers’ offer, a set of unexpected complications set in and it was then that you really shined.

My cousin and I who co-owned the house discovered that two estates had to be probated for us to be able to legally the property.  That led to months of legal transactions that repeatedly delayed the sale.  The fact that the buyers hung in there despite the long delay is testimony to the trusting relationship you built with them.  You were honest with them and supportive throughout the waiting period. During the long cold winter, the pipes burst in the house and there was a flood in the basement.  The neighbors called you and you waded through the flooded basement to locate and turn off the water valve.

My cousin and I live in Suffolk County and northern New Jersey respectively and both work demanding jobs. This made it very difficult for us to get to Brooklyn for the engineer’s inspection, appraiser’s visit, or to show the contractor the damage from the flood to get estimates for repairs.  You were there Jeff, each and every time.  You went above and beyond what I would expect from a realtor to help facilitate the process.

The excitement continued through the day of sale when you were there to walk-through the house with the buyers and discovered that the key to the downstairs apartment did not work and the garage door would not open.  You contacted my cousin and I, and suggested a plan to resolve the last-minute obstacles, and your plan (which literally caused you to shed some blood) worked.

Jeff I cannot sufficiently express my appreciation for all that you did for us in the sale of our parents’ house.  We could never have done it without you.  I will tell anyone I know in Brooklyn that you should be their realtor of choice.


Debra Kalmuss


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