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Amazing Landmarked Properties in Bushwick Brooklyn

December 10th 2017
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Talk about a hot neighborhood - Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY is certainly that. Not only are Bushwick real estate values going up, with new residential and mixed use development projects underway, but Bushwick is also home to some of the most magnificent landmarked buildings.

The landmarked residential beauty Caterina Lipsius house aka Cook Mansion, built in 1889 & 1890, is located at 670 Bushwick Avenue on the corner of Willoughby Street. Cook mansion was designed and built by famous architect Theobald Engelhardt.

Another landmarked beauty is located at 179 Wilson Avenue, corner of Dekalb Avenue. Originally the 83rd Police Precinct, this 1894-1895 building was built in the Romanesque Revival architectural style by architect William B. Tubby. The building is now occupied by The Brooklyn North Task Force.

Well worth mentioning is the landmarked Engine Company 252 building built in 1896-1897 in the Flemish Revival Style. Engine 252 located at 617 Central Avenue was built as one of the finest firehouses in Brooklyn by Parfitt Brothers Architects.

The next example of Bushwick’s magnificent landmarked buildings is the Greek Revival & Gibbsian style Reform Church of South Bushwick located at 855-867 Bushwick Avenue on the corner of Himrod Street. Also know as the white church,this incredible house of worship features a classic portico and soaring tower.This style steeple is seen in numerous churches which makeup the skyline in London England.

Speaking of landmarked churches in Bushwick, St. Barbara’s Catholic Church located at 138 Bleeker Street is having exterior masonry repairs done. The church was built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style between 1909 – 1910. The architects who designed St. Barbara’s were Helme & Huberty. Their inspiration for designing this church is based on the architectural style of 16th & 17th Century Spain. The interior domed, arched and frescoed ceilings are truly a sight to see!

Another Theobald Engelhardt 1880’s landmarked beauties is the Doering  - Bohack house located at 1090 Greene Avenue, corner of Goodwin Place. This beautiful and unique wood frame Neo Grec home with Queen Anne detailing became a landmark in September 2014.

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